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Mountain Lake

 Did you grow up in the 1960s listening to Top 40 radio stations? In the New Haven, Connecticut area, WAVZ 1300 AM was one of the most popular stations in the state. Every week they published a colorful Top 60 Survey, available free in record and department stores, letting you know how your favorite records were doing,  Now you can get every survey from January 3, 1965 through December 26, 1970 ( with the exception of seven which were not available or not published. All are in excellent, readable condition! Buy it on Click Title above to go to site.

by Richard E. Cohen

During the 1960s I listened to Top 40 radio, including WAVZ 1300 AM from New Haven, Connecticut. Every week the station published Top 60 music surveys, which I collected and never threw away. Much later, I scanned them all (front page only) to preserve them. Recently, I decided to publish them and make them available to anyone who listened to music at that time or who collects music surveys from the 1960s. I'm a retired atorney who currently lives in Tucson, Arizona with my wife, Tate and our Certified Therapy Dog, Sophie. During the summer, we escape the heat and go back to Connecticut.


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